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Olive Oils are separated into different types based upon on the aroma, color, degree of acidity, taste and form of production. 

Type Description Acidity (Oleic Acid)
Extra Virgin Selected oils with perfect aroma, color and flavor. Usually used uncooked with salads, pasta and steamed vegetables.  Max. 1% (1g./100g.)
Fine Virgin Oils with perfect aroma, color and flavor. Usually consumed like Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Max. 2% (2g./100g.)
Ordinary Oils with good aroma, color and flavor. Max. 3.3% (3.3g./100g.)
Refined These oils are obtained via refinement process of high acidity oils. They are typically light in aroma, color and flavor. They are suitable for cooking and frying. Also used for blending to make Pure Olive Oil. Max. 0.3% (0.3g./100g.)
Pure A blend of Refined Olive Oils and natural (Extra Virgin, Virgin ) Olive Oils. Usually used as an all around olive oil for salads, cooking at home and in restaurants. Max. 1.5% (1.5g./100g.)

All Olive Oils are suitable for cooking and are also ideal for frying since their burning point is higher than that of other oils. Olive Oils should be stored in a dark and cool environment to ensure that they maintain their quality and aroma.



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